how to get kids to sleep

Studies show that getting up late in the morning is not really laziness. Rather, many things are involved. Every human body has a clock from birth. Depending on this, he will get up early or get up late in the morning. This is why a plan is needed to get the baby to sleep in the morning. These ways you can use your baby to wake up without any drama or crying ..

4) Understand the baby: – ​​A baby wakes up early in the morning. Someone is comfortable getting up late again. Understand what your child is like, and adjust your morning routine by following it.
2) The baby is getting enough sleep: – Babies need more sleep than adults (at least 3 hours). Because of this, they have to get fast sleep at night. Then you can wake the baby in the morning. Besides, the use of phone or laptop before going to bed, more light in the room, eating and drinking affects the baby’s sleep. Think about whether his sleep is slowing down due to this.
3) Allow to stay in bed for some time: – Even if the child is awake, let him fall into bed for some time. Sleep will be completely eliminated and it will be easier to wake him up from the bed.
4) Don’t talk to the baby: – ​​Many do not want to wake up when the baby is angry. It has two disadvantages. She is angry and lies in bed. And day after day, he became accustomed to listening to talk.

3) Get out of bed by listening to music: – Whether your throat is good or bad, you can wake the baby up by singing. This is more effective than an alarm. You can make a child sleep by singing the same thing as getting a child to sleep. If you do not want to sing yourself, you can continue his favorite song on mobile or laptop or continue his favorite cartoon. He will also wake up.

3) Cook a delicious aroma: – You can cook or bake your child’s favorite food. She will wake up with a delicious aroma of food and it will be easy to wake her up from the bed.
4) Do housework: – Cooking, washing, cleaning or vacuuming the house, do these things in the morning. The sound of these words will make the baby sleep. Will be able to lift him from bed in time.
3) Give him an alarm clock: – In many homes, everyone uses the same alarm clock or puts the alarm on his phone. Buy a cute alarm clock and teach your child how to use it. This will encourage him to wake up in the morning with the sound of the alarm.
4) Keep everything in the morning in the morning: – In the morning when going to school, books are not available, no two socks, no clean handkerchiefs. Keeping these things in place the night before, the baby can be quick ready in the morning. It also increases his excitement in the morning.

3) Keep the baby in a sunny room: – Many of the apartment rooms are where there is no light. Do not keep the baby in such a room. Keep in mind that the lights in his room are quite light. In the morning light will easily break his sleep.

3) Let the TV watch for some time: – If the baby wakes up in the morning and becomes fast-ready, let him watch the TV for a few minutes. He will wake up in the wake of this award.
12) Allow the child to suffer the consequences of delay: – If you wake up late, it will be too late for your child to go to school. If he wakes up late at night sometime he may not be able to eat fun breakfast or be late to school or music class. After experiencing these consequences, he will understand himself that it is important to wake up in the morning.

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