List of foods for kids of different ages

Beginning with childbirth, the main diet is to provide some food as well. These foods meet the nutritional needs of the baby. Now the point is that many new mothers do not know what to eat or what to eat at any given time. So today, mothers are giving a gift to children of different ages. Then take care of the list and take care of your goldsmith.

Baby food for 6 months of age

At the age of 6 months, the baby should start feeding supplements in addition to breast milk. At this time, feeding the baby can be started by sprinkling bananas with milk or by cooking Suzi with milk. Rice powder, flour, etc., can be given to a child by cooking it thinly with milk and cooking it. Seasonal fruits such as ripe bananas, ripe papaya, etc. can be given to the child

Baby food for ages 6-9 months

At this age, the child is somewhat mature and can eat fruits and other cereal foods, Therefore, cooked potatoes, seasonal vegetables can be cooked and fed to the baby Such as cauliflower, carrots, beans, barley, beans, balsam, papaya, etc. Baby food should be cooked with a little oil and the baby should be fed

Baby food for ages 8-12 months

At this age, food can be fed to children almost like adults Therefore, baby food should be more frequent and increase in quantity Soft slices, cooked eggs, cooked vegetables and potatoes, pulses, milk, bread, yogurt, pudding, etc. are very beneficial and nourishing to the baby. At this time, the baby needs to be fed 3-5 times

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