What should a child’s daily routine be like?

From a young age, put your baby in the middle of a routine. If you do this you will not have to worry about him all your life. But remember that the routine should be something that your child will be disciplined with. At the same time, you need to take care not to lack joy in her life. Don’t talk too much baby. Doing so will create a dislike for the child in his childhood, which is not healthy at all. Do not forget that the routine is created to bring balance to life, not to take away the child’s independence.

What will be the daily routine of children aged 3-5 years? That’s why this article is written.

Waking up: Waking up early in the morning is great. So wake your baby up at 8am. Also, remember that your child’s sleep is not reduced, so you should take care of him at night.

Brushing: Brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as you wake up. Explain to your child what can happen without washing his face.

Sports: Now let him play for some time. It is also important for the body.

Shower: After the game is over, give the baby a bath. How important it is to be clear to teach him at that time.

Breakfast: Serve a protein-rich meal at breakfast. It may contain eggs, vegetables and bread.

School: It’s time to go to school. Send your kid to school at the right time and remind him about Tiffin on the way.


Have your child eat lunch between 5pm. The lunch menu contains nutritious food. This kind of food is very important for their overall growth at this age.


Give your child time to play again after school. The more you mix with your kids, the more social your baby will be. Which is very important for a beautiful life.

Night sleep:

Get the baby to sleep before 9pm. And before she goes to bed, take care that she reads the book for a while. It is important to have the habit of reading books.

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